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The Water Witch


Citrine, Gold, Tigers Eye, Pearl, Rutilated Quartz 
Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, this blend promotes a positive attitude towards life through confidence, self-awareness, and belief in one-self. It strengthens gut intuition and fuels self-esteem, ego, personal-power and will.  It improves digestion in the stomach, spleen and pancreas, increases the supply of energy to the body and fortifies nervous and immune systems.  

  • Mood: loneliness, anger, jealously, introversion & grief
  • Digestive: stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver, gall bladder
  • Blood sugar, bladder, constipation, allergies, ulcers
  • Skin: cellulite, melanoma, liver spots, bruises


I happened upon my Purpose remedy by accident around 3 months ago.  I was bottling some waters and a few drops of the remedy ended up on one of the bottles.  Through the bottling process, and unbeknownst to me, my hand came in contact with the remedy.  This was following a period of 8 months on my Wisdom remedy.  After being on Wisdom - I started listing to music for the first time in my life and even started singing occasionally (still in the privacy of my own home of course).  So here I was bottling and listening to music in quite a good mood when all of a sudden my mood started to change...

First I started to get a little anxious and annoyed.  Then I noticed that the music seemed to be very loud and in my face.  Then images of people and experiences started coming to mind.  First I started to get mad at all the people in my life who I felt take me for granted and don't truly value me for my skills and abilities.  Then I started  getting furious at my husband for all the times in our relationship where he has commented on my appearance or sexuality but failed to comment on my other attributes - and I made a fuming decision that from this point on in our relationship, comments of a physical or sexual nature would no longer be allowed! 

Next my mind sidetracked to a different situation that had happened 6 weeks prior...

We had just finished a lovely supper one evening at our friends house.  Now although I am always very happy to be fed by other people because I hate to cook, I always feel pressure to over eat in an effort to show my appreciation, and not be "one of those skinny girls who never eats".  So I was feeling quite full by the end of the meal.  After supper, our friends suggested we go out for dessert.  I wanted to say that I was full and quite satisfied, but I didn't want to be a party pooper so of course we agreed to go.  

Now my husband we had recently discovered is lactose intolerant, (we are currently working on this - and interestingly enough a 2c of Purpose consumed prior to dairy seems to negate most of the effects of this - sorry this potency is not available for sale) and I am trying to be on a low sugar diet and eat relatively healthy so you can imagine how happy I was to be going off to DQ at this point in the evening...

But we end up at DQ and line up to place our orders.  What I wanted was a small cone, but they ordered blizzards so I felt it would be "most appropriate" if I ordered one too.  Normally my husband and I have a "rule" about always "sharing" dessert as a way to regulate the junk food we consume, however we didn't want to appear "cheap" since we were buying - so we each ordered our own.  I also have another rule about only ordering the "smallest size" when I order "junk food" so the only size of Blizzard appropriate for me to order at this point would have been a mini - however I ordered a "medium" blizzard so that everyone else could feel more comfortable with what they had ordered - and because I felt "rushed" into ordering because of the "pressure" from the till guy who was thinking "can't you just hurry up and be done with your order so I can get on with my night - it is just an ice-cream for @OSh sake!" I ordered completely the wrong flavour.    Two spoonfuls in and I come to the realization that this was quite a bad idea.  At this point I would have thrown the blizzard out - which is what I normally do after making a poor food choice with a junk food that I don't actually really want to consume, however I force my way through the entire thing and make myself sick in the process.

Flash forward to my morning incident with Purpose 6 weeks later... Remarkably this incident decides to surface and I am furious as I remember it.  Are we genuinely quite good friends with this couple - yes.  Overall would I say I had a great evening - yes.  Did these feelings last more than a split second at the time - no.  Do I quite frequently make dietary cheats all the time - yes.  In the scheme of my life would this incident even been recored on my radar of life experiences - didn't think so... but perhaps it actually was.  Perhaps it was one of the dozen or so decisions I make every day where I compromise my actions and decision making ability to make others feel better about themselves.  And perhaps I do it so often that I don't even realize how often I do it.  I have over the years realized that my happy place is one of extreme introversion, and that as an Emotional Empath I feel every thing from everyone and that I haven't yet found a truly effective way of blocking it (enter my protection remedy).  But I was truly startled to find myself reacting so strongly to this incident so longer after the event.  

At this point I finish bottling a batch and decide to take a break to literally get my "#$@%" together and figure out what is going on.  I also need a break from the music which at this point I find way to loud and in my face.  It is literally driving me crazy.  At this point I still have not made the connection between purpose and my mood.  So I turn off the music, have a seat and try and clear my head.  All of this is taking place within the past 10 minutes or so... As I have a seat I begin to take notice of my body.  I feel a column about 3 inches in diameter running through the core of my body - in sushumno territory so to speak.  This is odd for me - because although I have practiced pranic breathing and directed energy through this area before I have never physically felt that a 3" steel pipe was running through this part of my body.  It literally felt like for the first time in my life I had a backbone.  like a core of self esteem and self worth now ran through me - and before where I was ether I now was able to hold a solid form.  

The phone rings... It is my mother who wants to ask me a question.  I "get" a NO I tell her.  Do you even want to hear the question she asks? You can ask the question I say, but the answer is "NO".  Now the history to this conversation is... my sister had an emergency "C" section two days prior and she would now be at home with a new baby, a 2 year old and 4 year old, and unable to move for 6 weeks.  I had spent some time over the past two days thinking about her, wondering how she would cope and thinking of ways that I could help her in the upcoming weeks.  So my mother has called to ask/suggest that her, my other sister, and myself each take a day off work (1 day per week for the next 6 weeks) in order to help out - a scenario that I had visualized myself as quite a workable solution only one day prior.  But this is what I had to say to her...

I vehemently expressed my feelings on the following topics:

  1. Just because I was working from home with my own business didn't mean I had a bunch of free time kicking around to help other people out with their problems and the situations they had got themselves into.
  2. My sister and her husband get paid 4x more than we do - and have a plethora of sick days, holiday pay and maternity leave to use up - so I didn't know why the husband should go back to work and I should take the day off.
  3. That is what day care and nannies are for.
  4. As an alternative health care practitioner I knew a bunch of things that could have helped out with the pregnancy, labour and delivery, and after care program - and these were the ways I was prepared to offer of myself.  My sister who is a pharmacist - will not listen to a single word of advice from me in this area.
  5. And on, and on and on.

By the end of the conversation - which was basically me yelling at my mom while she sat on the other line in stunned silence - a side of me she has never seen.  I finished with the statement, but I may be in a bit of a state right now, so I will think it over and call you back.  I hang up the phone and pause for a moment to reflect on the previous half hour... What the heck was I bottling I ask myself - sure enough Purpose.

I did end up helping out at my sisters the following week, and my mother also called a day later to ask how my life was going and invite me out for a special date.

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