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The Water Witch


Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, Star Sapphire, Tourmalated Quartz 
Associated with the Throat Chakra, this blend stimulates mental force and the quest for knowledge.  It facilitates self-awareness and a search for inner truth.  It supports the mind and spirit through relaxation, concentration and learning.  It encourages communication, accountability and harmony with others. It improves thymus and thyroid glandular functions and alleviates throat and eye problems.    

  • Communication, emotions, clarity, knowledge, stability
  • Eyes, ears, nose, throat, thyroid, thymus, vagus nerve
  • Vocal chords, lungs, speech impediments, esophagus
  • Dyslexia, Asperger, epilepsy, hyperactivity, migraines, OCD


With the exception of my first 2 weeks testing out Ohm, Wisdom is the first remedy I tried and spent any amount of time on.  In fact I spent almost 8 months (Jan 2014 - Aug 2014) exclusively using a variety of the Wisdom remedies.  Unfortunately I was not into documenting at this stage so my results will be lacking in details.  I have heard accounts from other people of Wisdom clearing up acne, creating and treating headaches, stimulating tastebuds and helping people to express emotions and feelings better.  

Wisdom was the remedy I thought I needed least, so my efforts on it were not terribly active or accountable but many changes and things have happened to me in the recent months that I attribute in a large part to this remedy.  I started bringing my 7C potency of Wisdom to Yoga classes and spraying myself before and after class.  As an introvert I would usually attend these classes and pretty much keep to myself, however after using the spray I found myself interacting with individuals both before and after class... suddenly I had so much to say and I felt like talking to complete strangers.  

Wisdom is also great for knowing the right questions to ask in order to get the right answers.  Over the years I have participated in various forms of physical activity including competitive gymnastics for most of my youth - so I am generally considered quite flexible by most of my peers.  However, despite all of my training and years of stretching I am actually quite inflexible when compared to others who have gone through similar training.  In particular I also had several positions that were always really difficult.  Interestingly - after years of this kind of training I had never thought TO ASK WHY these positions were so tight.  The first time I used Wisdom spray however all of that changed.  I found myself asking "why" these positions were so tight, "what" had contributed to the problem, and "how" could I solve or change this.  To my astonishment I started having visions of the situations and lifetimes that had contributed to these feelings, and I "got" that I could use my pendulum to move the energy and clear for these situations.  So I started bringing my pendulum to Yoga, and I would use it to clear the poses that were tight.  Instantly I could feel the tightness release, and I fell into a much deeper version of the pose!  What a revelation - years of yoga practice eliminated simply by using the mind and pendulum to make these corrections.  

I have never been very attracted to music.  I feel that it gets in the way of my thoughts and prevents me from thinking clearly.  When I bought my car, I drove through the entire 40,000km warranty period without realizing that the stereo didn't work properly, because I never actually listened to music!  I went roughly a year without turning on our home stereo because I couldn't remember how to turn it on and it was never important enough to re-learn how.  Electronics fall under a similar category as I can never remember how to work certain programs and I always forget the most basic tasks.  In fact I am one of the few adults left in North America who still doesn't own a cell phone!   However Wisdom changed all this.  I found myself listening to music on a regular basis and even singing to myself at home!  All of a sudden I could hear the words in songs better and actually remember bits and pieces of them.  My ability to sing has also gotten better... but don't expect a concert anytime soon as I am still pretty awful.  I actually went on You Tube and started listing to shows like Britain's Got Talent and X Factor!  I also found myself having more patience on the computer, and was more able to describe my problem to the tech guys, more able to perform "help" searches and more able to remember certain functions and applications.  Additionally - 2 years ago I fell and had a concussion, after which I stopped reading.  This summer I was finally able to start reading again without getting sick.  I would also say that my eyesight has improved by about 25%.

But the really astonishing results involved what was happening to me on a metaphysical level.  Before I go into some of these changes I will mention that during this time I also had an Atlas Balancing treatment, received a DNA Activation, had a couple of Myofascial Release treatments, received a past life regression analysis, worked through a book on Hathor meditation combined with sacred geometry, took a course in Astral Travel, and received many energetic treatments and corrections, including a new form of Cabbala balancing from Barb Heggie.  So as you can see it is a bit hard to pinpoint what lead to what... but here are some of the changes that took place.  

My channeling took on a whole new level and I was able to heal myself and make corrections by relieving many past life traumas.  Interestingly enough most of them revolved around injuries to the area of my throat chakra.  Two in particular that I have worked on through many sessions include: one lifetime in Spain 1412, where as a Jesuit priest I had had my head chopped off for preaching my beliefs, and a second life time where as a young girl of about 14 I had my face kicked in by a horse and I had damage to my mouth and brain and could never properly communicate again.  After this experience I was sexually abused and raped for the next 20 years, and suffered through it in silence.  (Growing up in a rural area I had always had an irrational fear of being kicked by I horse and wondered how people could feel an affinity for those animals).  I also had a mediation session where my voice was "tuned" by "angels".  Throughout this period my ability to feel and channel energy has also grown along with my ability to enter different types of meditative states for hours at a time.  

During this time I feel like I truly "found my voice".  I was able to find the words to communicate what I thought and was feeling in daily life and I began to feel more comfortable discussing my metaphysical experiences with others.  I believe that the time I spent on Wisdom also helped me feel more comfortable with my decision making abilities and led me to ask the questions and find the answers regarding my intolerance to wheat - which lead me to my current use of Purpose.      

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shawna on January-05-15 2:44 PM
On several occasions I drank the Wisdom water before bed. Each time I had a dream that related to an issue I was struggling with at work. The dreams allowed me to gain a different perspective about the situation. Seeing things a little more clearly helped me let go of the particular issue that was bothering me. Shortly after I let go of the issue that was concerning me things became much more peaceful at work. I drank some of the Wisdom water before a short meditation. I was able to reflect more deeply about the concern I was having. I believe the water allowed me to see the situation much clearer so that I could make a conclusive decision about the issue.
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Abigail on April-10-16 4:13 AM
Thanks to Wisdom that you found your voice again. wishing you always happy in life.
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n songs on October-11-16 8:06 AM
Thanks to Wisdom is also great for knowing the right questions to ask in order to get the right answers.
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Thanks to Wisdom you are back with the right seed to get the tight yield.
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