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Magic Mondays


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Magic Mondays

On Becoming Psychic

One of the most interesting things one experiences when becoming psychically aligned or tuned-in to higher sources of info information is learning to trust the inner voices one hears enough to take action and actually act on them.  My life has been a series of interesting coincident s up to this point.  They started out small and built from there… you feel like you are going to get a phone call from someone and then they actually call, you know you need to be somewhere at a certain time and you end up running into someone you need to talk to.

The Concert

One day 7 friends attended a concert, here is what they thought...

1st Friend
The crowd was AWESOM! I could really feel the vibe.  Being in the energy of the place really electrified me.  I couldn't sleep all night, I was just riding the high.  I ended up writing a new song that night, the lyrics just sort of came to me. 

2nd Friend
You should have seen the speakers. They were massive!  The sound coming out of them was amazing - crystal clear.  I would give anything to have a chance to play around on a system like that.

Mechanic, My Car Won't Start

I get into my car yesterday to go for a ride, and the car won't start! I am outraged, how dare it not start!  What have I ever done to deserve this! Why ME! Life is sooooooooo not fair!!!

A friend of mine recommended I take it to a mechanic.  I have never been to a mechanic but he said it was the thing to do so I went.

The mechanic suggested an oil change.  $120 later my car still wouldn't start.  After viewing having a look at the car he suggested a host of other problems that would end up costing a bunch of money.

Welcome Aboard!

Hello Everyone!

It has come to my attention over the past number of months that many of you are seeking additional information about Gemstone Essence Therapy - how to use it, what to expect, and what experiences other individuals have been having. 

I have debated publishing the following information as much of it will contain incidents and experiences that I would prefer to keep private (the introvert that I am) however the voices both inside and outside my head keep telling me to go through with it.